AGGA Tasmania is the representative body for members of the glass and aluminium industry in Tasmania.

AGGA Tasmania is the States’ peak industry body which brings together over 40 manufacturers, processors, installers, glaziers and suppliers to the building and window industry.

As the State member of the Australian Glass & Glazing Association (AGGA), AGGA Tasmania promotes and encourages the trade and business interests of members of the Association. But that’s not all we do.

AGGA Tasmania promotes and encourages glass trade and provides information and advocacy services on all aspects of glass from energy efficiency to standards and safety.

Glass, as an architectural element, has become the quintessential building material for every home or building. The applications of glass are only limited by your imagination; glass is everywhere you look. Glass can be architecturally inspiring, aesthetically pleasing both with modern functionality, design and energy efficiency. No other building material can bring the outdoors into a building to enhance the ambiance of the space. Glass is vital.


An AGGA accredited glazier is your best protection for ensuring that your home or building is glazed according to the Australian Standards code and an excellent way to protect you from damages or injury as a result of inadequate glazing or work that does not meet the Australian Standards.

All AGGA Tamania Members are vetted and agree to a code of conduct that assures the public of their credentials. Some members may choose to undergo training and testing of their knowledge of the Australian Standard for Selection and Installation of Glass in Buildings. These installers are skilled tradespeople are identified as accredited members of AGGA Tasmania.

Does your glazier or glass supplier engage in best practice?

Australian Standards and their absolute adherence are essential to ensure the protection and safety of people living and working in residential and commercial buildings, or driving cars, operating heavy machinery or captaining boats.

Always ask if your glazier or glass supplier is an AGGA Tasmania member or an AGGA Accredited Glazier.

AGGA Acrredited Glaziers are trained and tested in interpreting the Australian Standards for the selection and installation standard for the glass and glazing industry. For AGGA Tsamania members, best practice is not a negotiation, it is the only option.

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