Safety Alerts

Safety Alerts are published by the AGGA when important safety issues are brought to our attention. If you are aware of any issues worthy of a Safety Alert please contact us. 

Our most recent Safety Alerts can be accessed below. Click on the title to view full Safety Alert.

If you require advice on risk assessments, please contact the AGGA office 03 8669 0170.


Latest Safety Alert - January 2018

SafeWork NSW - Unpacking Glass Sheets

Unpacking Glass Sheets - January 2018

Danger Zones - November 2017

WorkSafe Vic Childcare Centres - June 2017

NSW Prosecution - May 2017

Falls From Height - November 2016

End Caps - November 2016

Safe Handling of Glass Facade Panels - October 2013

Asbestos in Glazing Putty - May 2012

Working With Sheet Materials - February 2012