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Is your workplace ready for summer?

With UV levels strong enough on a summer’s day, for Victorians to be sunburnt in just 11 minutes, it’s essential to have UV safety on your agenda.

At this time of year, it's a good idea to reinforce this via a toolbox talk or similar avenue.

While the sunburn fades, the permanent damage to DNA doesn’t. It adds up with each exposure, increasing the risk of developing skin cancer.

The skin cancer risk is even higher for people who work outdoors; receiving up to 10 times more UV damage over their lifetime than an indoor worker.

Despite these alarming numbers, a recent Australian Workplace Exposure Study found just 7% of workers in the construction industry have adequate protection from UV damage.

Don’t put your workers at risk - ensure appropriate protective clothing is worn; provide shade and cool water; and provide sunscreen for your workers.  


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