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Exploding Glass - Protect Yourself!

Media Release 30/06/17

A glass shower screen exploding in Perth has injured a young child, highlighting the need for awareness of compliance and safety issues when installing glass.  It is critical that consumers are aware of the potential for serious injury from non-compliant glass installations, and how they can ensure they are protected.

Will Walker, CEO of the Australian Glass and Glazing Association (AGGA) said, “These types of incidents are often the result of engaging installers who are not appropriately skilled or knowledgeable, sometimes using a glass product that is unsuitable for the application.  The only way to protect yourself is to ensure the glazier you are using conforms to the requirements for skills, technical knowledge, compliance guarantees and safety that is provided by AGGA members.”

Mr. Walker went on to say, “When you look at the variety of applications of glass in the modern construction industry: windows; skylights; balustrading; splash-backs; mirrors; security applications; or, as in this case, shower-screens, the importance of ensuring compliance and safety is obvious.  Glass, when selected and installed properly is a versatile and very safe product, but when the technical requirements are not properly applied, the potential for catastrophic failure is enormous.”

To protect yourself, you must:

  • Ensure your glazier is properly qualified. Certified or Master Glazier status are the highest levels of skills recognition, but as a minimum, ensure your glazier is a member of AGGA and holds the required industry qualifications;
  • Check the glass you have installed is labelled regarding its compliance to the Standard(s);
  • Request a Compliance Certificate from the installer. AGGA Compliance Certificates provide assurance that the Australian Standards have been applied, appropriate insurance cover is held, and are backed by the national Industry Association.

The price quoted for a glass installation should not be the only factor that dictates your choice of a glazier, or glass selection.  Ensure the issues above are addressed before you commit to your purchase or contract.  No reputable glazier will dodge any of these questions.


About AGGA

AGGA is the glass industry’s peak body, representing state and national association members. Its membership includes glass manufacturers, processors, merchants, glaziers and suppliers of supporting machinery, services and materials.

AGGA’s Accredited Company Program demands that members satisfy requirements for Technical knowledge, Skills of the workforce, Compliant products and installation techniques, and Safety.  It also investigates complaints from members, non-member industry professionals and consumers.

For further information on AGGA or its members:

Ph: 03 8669 0170                        

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