2016 Awards

National Design Awards - 2016

Congratulations to the winners, finalists and all those who submitted for the awards.

The overall winners are:

Best Commercial Project over 50K
Construction Glazing for West End Brewery

Against tough competition, Construction Glazing's West End Brewery Facade upgrade was chosen as the wiiner for it's technical expertise, heritage sensitivity and visual impact. The project called for a combination of speciality skills and expertise in both the design and construction to ensure maximum impact was achieved in the renovation of this Adelaide icon. High light-transmittance glazing systems were incorporated throughout the facade and were highly commended by the judging panel - a perfect choice to show off the 77-year-old brewing kettle, which now forms the focus of this much-loved building.

The West End Brewery project also won accolades for its use of toughened and laminated internal barrier glazing which complements the overall design by enhancing the visitor experience during the increasingly popular factory tours. The overall crisp lines of the facade glazing drew significant praise from the judges, who commended Construction Glazing on this expertly executed and beautifully finished project.

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Best Commercial Project under 50K
Wellfix for the Old Clare Hotel

The Old Clare Hotel is one of the crown jewels of the redeveloped Kensignton St precinct in Chippendale, a vibrant heritage suburb in inner-urban Sydney. It combines the 1939 Art Deco pub with the Victorian-era 1915 Carlton Brewery Headquarters in a contemporary, imaginative and respectful transformation.

Wellfix face-glazed 112 pieces of curved and flat glass into the recesses of the bar and reception counter's industrial-style steel structure. The Wellfix winning submission was chosen for its technical complexity, as well as its satisfying resolution of a design proposal. The expertise and use of technology to deliver a unique solution to a complex design issue is well showcased in this project, which has received extensive critical acclaim - both for the designers, and for the glass and glazing contractors.

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Best Domestic Project over 20K
G.James for Mt Mee Residence

Situated in the stunning rugged area of Campbells Pocket an hour north of Brisbane, this exquisite home provides the idea focal point for the dramatic natural backdrop of Queensland's Glasshouse Mountains.

The design and finish of this installation clearly demonstrates how glass can be utilized to its full potential. For the glazing to achieve the level of energy efficiency whilst taking up 30% of the wall area demonstrates a complete understanding of the available products. You cannot help but be wowed by the effect that is achieved by using a single 21mpane utilizing high performing light transmittance glass that would require a high level of workmanship to install. In addition, the full width opening concealed sliding doors have given the added benefit of both energy efficient security coupled with the outdoor feel. The overall effect give the property an immense amount of natural light whilst using a whole range of innovative glass products.

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Best Domestic Project under 20K 
Adelaide Glass Guys for Trinity Gardens Residence

Adelaide Glass Guys supplied and installed balustrading to this award-winning residential property using a standoff pins system to a mezzanine floor. The project is defined by the handrails flowing all the way down the stairs to ground level, couple with a glass balustrade installed in the stairs area.

The project required a significant degree of ingenuity to achieve a professional, safe, compliant and visually attractive result. Whilst on first viewing this project may appear to be a straight forward balustrade installation, it was anything but. The installers have demonstrated an ability to make the very best of a difficult job. The workmanship involved is outstanding and the results are testament to the attention to detail required to achieve this level of excellence.

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