IGMAP is the certification process that sets the standards by which IGUs and the industry is judged. Companies manufacturing to the IGMAP guidelines know they are producing the best. Suppliers know they are installing the best. And consumers will know that an IGMAP certified unit is the best quality in Australia.

IGMAP was created to work alongside minimum standard AS/NZS 4666. Recognising the opportunity for some aspects of the standard to be expanded and improved upon, we established IGMAP Technical Requirements. The document outlines an approval pathway for the highest standard of IGU.

IGMAP members also have access to IGMAP Administration Guidelines. This gives further guidance on how to establish the structural elements, procedures, and marketing activities to successfully implement IGMAP.

Both the IGMAP Technical Requirements and IGMAP Administration Guidelines are compulsory components of certification.

To achieve IGMAP Approval, product samples must pass independent testing. IGMAP participants must also submit regular ISO Type 5 audits, conducted by a Certified Assessment Body who are accredited by JAS-ANZ.

The IGMAP Process 

  1. Enter a signed agreement with IGMAP, agreeing to comply with the program’s standards and process.
  2. Implement IGMAP Technical Requirements and IGMAP Administration Guidelines.
  3. Allow quality processes to be audited by a Certified Assessment Body (who are accredited by JAS-ANZ) and the results to be lodged with IGMA. Address any major non-compliance issues immediately and any minor non-compliance issues within three months.
  4. Participate in the Approved Products Directory and use the IGMAP Marketing Program principals to best promote your products and IGMAP program.
  5. Purchase and apply the IGMAP Approved sticker to your products.

Before buying an IGU, customers should ask whether their manufacturer or supplier is IGMAP Approved. All IGMAP members are committed to supplying only the highest quality insulating glass products.

Become an IGMAP Member
To learn more, or express your interest in becoming an IGMA member, please email agga@agga.asn.au