Insulating Glass Manufacturers Affiliation (IGMA) represents the leading Australian manufacturere and suppliers of Insulated Glass Units (IGUs).

We are lucky in Australia to have a rich history of producing glass that is at a global standard. For us, it’s not enough to just make something, we want to make sure it is good. We want to build things to last. 

Quality is especially important for the IGU industry. People are investing in a premium glazing product with performance expectations. As an industry, we need to make sure we meet and exceed those expectations.

This is why IGMA exists. As a sub-committee of the Australian Glass & Window Association, we work with the industry to develop IGU standards. We inform our members of the latest technologies and methods to ensure that the IGUs we put into Australian homes and businesses are high quality products.

Benefits of IGMA Membership       

As a growing member-based organisation, we are the industry voice when it comes to lobbying government, business and standards bodies on relevant issues. We communicate the many benefits of IGUs and create demand in the category for our members.

There are many benefits in becoming an IGMA member, including:

  • Representation to government, the wider industry and consumers.
  • Opportunities to take part in training and educational seminars.
  • The latest information about industry developments and changes to regulations, including access to resources on the AGWA and IGMA North America websites.
  • A collaborative forum to network with other manufacturers and suppliers.

Become an IGMA Member       

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an IGMA member, please email agga@agga.asn.au