The Technical pillar of the Accredited Company Program ensures that companies have staff who have a thorough understanding of the AS/NZ 1288 standard 'Glass In Buildings - Selection and Installation.'

To maintain Accredited Company status a minimum of one (1) staff member must have passed the AGGA AS/NZ 1288 Advanced exam. While the minimum requirement is for one staff member to have passed the exam, some companies are training multiple staff to this level of expertise as they can see the value to their business of having highly trained staff with a comprehensive understanding of this vital standard.

To maximise the number of glaziers who achieve this advanced level of technical understanding, the AGGA has developed a range of educational pathways.

The AS/NZ 1288 Advanced Portfolio is designed so that participants can demonstrate their understanding and ability to apply it in a real work scenario. The portfolio consists of three parts:

  • Part 1 consists of 19 multiple choice questions that are used to make an initial assessment of capability
  • Part 2 is made up of practical questions that are completed by the aplicant and submitted for assessment
  • Finally, Part 3 requires a referee report to be completed by the employer or an industry referee.

There are no prerequisites to complete the portfolio, if the individual is experienced and proficient, they will also have no need to attend any training. Applicants have the option to complete and submit Part 1 for assessment, which is free of charge, to determine if they are ready to complete Part 2.

AS/NZ 1288 Workshops

To prepare for completing the portfolio, AGGA offers participants in-person training workshops. They are delivered by experienced glazing professionals and comprise of a full day of aproximately 6 hours.

Online Training

For those requiring advanced training, the AGGA now offers both online and face-to-face options. AS/NZ 1288 is available via the AGGA online training portal - www. - this training consists of a number of instructional videos, and a copy of the full written exam which can be downloaded, completed and submitted for assessment.

CPD Points

AGGA recognises the importance of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and if you attend the workshop only, you will be eligible for 2 CPD points. Successful completion of the portfolio will be eligible for an additional 3 CPD points.

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