The Skills pillar provides recognition for development of skills and continuing professional development.

It is part of AGGA's commitment to providing ongoing training and development opportunities for our members. The Skills program is designed for individuals and provides a clear pathway for career development. 

There is a range of training and development activities recognised by the program to ensure that participants have a wide choice of continuing professional development (CPD) activities to choose from.

Benefits of the Skills program:

  • Individuals and the companies they work for can benefit from acquiring Skills in a number of ways.
  • It enables a company to reward and recognise those staff who wish to progress their careers
  • As less than 30% of 'glaziers' are suitably qualified, this helps differentiate in a competitive market
  • Provides career development opportunities and a clear pathway of progression
  • Helps to counter the perception of glazing as a 'lesser' trade
  • Potential to reduce injuries and fatalities in our sector through better training
  • Gain better knowledge of products and materials that are availale in the market and thus improve ability to sell to clients

Individuals can be recognised as either Certified Glaziers or Master Glaziers, based on their level of experience and expertise.

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