Accredited Company Program

The AGGA Accredited Company program provides a comprehensive framework for you to develop and demonstrate the skills, experience and quality of your staff and organisation. It makes it easier for you and your company to stand out from others.

An AGGA Accredited Company demonstrates professionalism in the areas of education, technical knowledge, safety, compliance and quality, all backed up by the Australian Glass and Glazing Association.

There are Four Pillars to the AGGA Accredited Company Program:

  • Skills - to recognise and develop individual glaziers
  • Compliance - insurance, glass labelling and glazing certificates
  • Safety - all companies must implement a compliant safety management system
  • Technical - a minimum of one staff member must have passed the AGGA AS 1288 Accredited course

We are proud to have Viridian as the Platinum sponsor of the Program.
Viridian believes that glaziers who have the dedication and skill to make great glass projects deserve recognition. That's why Viridian and GCS are proud to support glazing as a recognised professional career path, through our platinum sponsorship of AGGA's Accredited Company Program initiatives.