The AGGA Accredited Company Program provides a comprehensive framework for you to develop and demonstrate the skills, experience and quality of your staff and the organisation. It makes it easier for you and your company to stand out from other non accredited companies.

Why do we need this new accreditation program?

  • There is a general lack of understanding or awareness of the glazing industry, especially in the domestic market
  • Any form of accreditation needs to include formal training
  • Accreditation systems need to be kept simple and understandable
  • Accredited companies are strongly preferred for large and/or dangerous jobs (though awareness of potential hazards is low)
  • Endorsement by an association is important
  • Commercial clients want knowledgeable glaziers who can provide advice and input into project delivery.

We have an ultimate aim for glazing to be recognised as a licenced trade on a national basis (as per plumbing and electrical) and the AGGA Accredited Company Program is an important step for our industry to develop and implement such an approach in a voluntary manner.

The Accredited Company Program is an upgrade to the existing member accreditation program - all current participating companies will be rolled over into the new program and given until June 2018 to meet the full requirements. This will allow companies to enrol staff in the Continuing Professional Development program, gain formal recognition for existing skills and experience, as well as implement a compliant safety management system.