AGGA Board

Current AGGA Board - 2017

AGGA President                      Peter Moeller

AGGA Vice President               Greg Hunt

AGGA Board Member              Peter den Boer

Agga Board Member               Joe Finn

AGGA Board Member              Adrian Grocott

AGGA Board Member              Philip Mauviel

AGGA Board Member              Harry Pitaro


Changes to the AGGA Board

Since our last AGGA board meeting in late 2016 we have unfortunately received resignations from two of our long-serving board members: Geoff Rankin of Eastman Chemical Australia and current AGGA Vice-President has resigned although he will still take an active role in the association, in particular as a member of the Technical Sub Committee. Tim Ohlback has left employment with Viridian and is no longer eligible to be an AGGA board member.

On behalf of the AGGA executive and members I would like to extend my thanks to both Geoff and Tim for their valuable contribution to the association through their involvement on the AGGA board.  Our association relies on the voluntary involvement of board and committee members to operate and continue to deliver value to our members. As Geoff held the position of AGGA Vice President the board has discussed and agreed upon the appointment of Greg Hunt from G. James to the position of Vice President.  Greg is another long-serving board member and will bring valuable experience and skills to the position.